• Використовуй ресурси мудро - живи еко-Логічно!

    Протирайте лампочки і плафони від пилу, пилюка може "з'їдати" до 20% світла.

    Використовуйте сірники замість запальничок - більшість запальничок одноразові і не піддаються переробці.

  • В Україні з макулатури повторно виготовляється лише 0,1% паперу, в той час, як у Європі - 50%, а в Японії - 65%.

    При експлуатації традиційного багатоповерхового житлового будинку через стіни витрачається до 40% тепла, через вікна - 18%, підвал - 10%, дах - 18%, вентиляцію - 14%.

  • Використовуй ресурси мудро - живи еко-Логічно!

    Мийте частіше вікна, таким чином у кімнати буде проникати більше світла.

    Використовуйте на одну салфетку менше. В середньому за рік європеєць використовує 2000 салфеток.

  • Пластику необхідно близько 450 років тільки для того, щоб почати розкладатися.

    Приймайте "швидкий" душ замість ванни. В середньому за 5 хв. душу ви використовуєте до 50 л. води, для ванної потрібно - до 200 літрів.

    Використовуй ресурси мудро - живи еко-Логічно!

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    Утилізація однієї пластикової пляшки вивільняє єнергію, достатню, щоб запалити 60 Вт лампочку і протримати її ввімкненою протягом 6 хв.

  • Щорічно у море потрапляють до 150000 тонн пластику, включаючи упаковки, мережі і буї.

    Перевіряйте справність сантехніки: при крапанні з крана "втікає" 24 літри за добу (втрата - 720 літрів за місяць).

    Використовуй ресурси мудро - живи еко-Логічно!

Words of the Head of the Board of Administration

Inspiring personalities are well seen in obscure times

The events, which took place and are still taking place in our country, have changed us. They influenced our work and displaced accents. We`ve learned to mobilize our own efforts, give up all minor things and concentrate our attention on the major aspects of life.

The severe trials, which our country has undergone and is still undergoing, have helped us determine more clearly what actually each of us wants, what our company and our consumers need.

By virtue of the limited financing and considerable reduction of budgets, our enterprise has to leave only those things which are really important and which are the priority for us - that is quality, professionalism, efficiency of every worker and every subsection.

Today such notions as an economy, power-efficiency and efficient use of resources are becoming very important.

We can not forsee what will be tomorrow but we can take responsibility for our own words, for our own deeds and to work unceasingly using the resources, which nature gives us, wisely – starting from energy and up to our ideas, creativity and emotions.

Rather a difficult year is ahead of all of us. But I`m convinced, that we have all the resources – both professional and patriotic qualities, will-power and faith in our own ideals, clear vision of what we want – in order to hold out.

We will do everything in order to provide the house of every inhabitant of Prykarpattya with the light despite any crisis situations. We will organize communication with the community, will listen to them and will take pains to be heard.

Now it is very important not to give up, to hold the line, despite any stresses. It is important for us to be professionals. But I consider that more important is not to become embittered, to save respect and tolerance, it is important to remain people. Because the war will be over and after it we will get the memories what we were in this crisis time.

The Head of the Board of Administration
of the Public Joint Stock Company “Prikarpattyaoblenergo”
Olexander Buben

Mission of the ocompany :
to bring the light to every house, apartment; to provide with convenient life conditions and with good conditions of business in Pre-Carpathian region, to guarantee stable development of prosperity of company’s partners and stockholders with the help of professional staff of like-minded power engineering specialists.

The professional team of high -
qualified specialists is headed by the leaders that master the special knowledge and skills of power engineering.

Power engineering specialists form the collective of specialists
with the same convictions and values. Everyone deals with the same business according to the company’s interest.