The speech of the Chairman of the Management Board

We are becoming closer to our customer and environment

We meet the new year of 2013 with brave ideas and large-scale plans targeted at quality improvement of service, investment in electric networks, and the most important, at the change of our consciousness departure from monopolistic mentality to a new modern customer-oriented manner.

I am convinced that growth and development of not only our company, but the whole country depend greatly on innovations and self-improvement. Thats why our enterprise will search and realize new non-standards, effective ideas and decisions not only in technical aspects, but also in the sphere of corporate management and IT.

We will traditionally pay special attention to our power engineers training and qualification upgrade, as well as encourage self-improvement and personal development of each employee.

We will work for our companys benefit producing high-quality product for our consumers, we will do everything for becoming closer to our customers and destroying barriers of stereotypes. We will continue our work targeted at corporate social responsibility supporting sports, cultural and art events.

This year we will also lay special emphasis on green direction of our companys activity and will live the year 2013 under the motto: We choose a green line the line of life.

This way we will implement the waste utilization program, support and develop green office principles, train eco-volunteers, popularize ecologic values in the staff, take care of biovariety realizing Leleka/Stork nature protection program.

Each of us knows that life is colorful. Every color is important. Green is special. In fact, the more we care about the environment today, the more it will be generous to us in future.

In a word, our company will develop and change this year. Improving us, becoming better that we were in past, we will be able to change our company and together with this our societys life for better.

Head of PJSC Prykarpattyaoblenergo
Oleksandr Buben

Mission of the ocompany :
to bring the light to every house, apartment; to provide with convenient life conditions and with good conditions of business in Pre-Carpathian region, to guarantee stable development of prosperity of companys partners and stockholders with the help of professional staff of like-minded power engineering specialists.

The professional team of high -
qualified specialists is headed by the leaders that master the special knowledge and skills of power engineering.

Power engineering specialists form the collective of specialists
with the same convictions and values. Everyone deals with the same business according to the companys interest.